Work plan


Alder Carr 10.00 am

Please car share if you can.  Lunch will be provided but if you are vegetarian or have a special diet please do bring along your lunch.  Tea and coffee provided.

The year is rapidly progressing and we are now in summer work.  Processing will start in earnest this week and the plan is to get wood ready for delivery next week.  Rob will be organising the team on Tuesday to collect and get some training ready to start work.

The plan for Tuesday is:-

  1. Collect wood processor from Blaen Bran and receive some training (Rob will be organising team)
  2. Do a charcoal burn (if possible) great start on getting charcoal pencils for artists
  3. Collect other wood for artist charcoal (Colin will give some background on this)
  4. Continue working on shelter by pods and wood store planning
  5. More bracken bashing as this will become a real problem soon.  Best way to keep bracken at bay apparently is to bash it down
  6. Any suggestions from outcomes of work last week

At the end of the day we should have:-

  1. Wood processing safely installed and some processing undertaken
  2. Hopefully have some charcoal (to bagged up in the next couple of weeks) and artists charcoal experiment assessed.
  3. Progress on shelters
  4. Bracken bashed
  5. Next week plans

Rob Dunning will be leading the day’s activities and if there are any changes to the above he will let you know by Tuesday.

Thanks for continued support.