Apple Day 2018

21st October is a special day in the calendar – the day we rejoice in the apple! As 21st was a Sunday this year we decided to hold our Apple Day celebration on Saturday 20th. After the horrors of last year’s Apple Day storm we behaved ourselves all week and were rewarded with weather more suited to August than October.


LACAS had borne the brunt of a badly timed late summer storm and their annual show had been cancelled. They very generously allowed us to pitch up and use their premises, tents, outdoor furniture and barbecue. This definitely contributed to the success of the day; there can’t be a more beautifully situated allotment site in the country. Bob Needs was, of course, the driving force behind our event, supplying not only his own macerator and apple presses but plenty of spare juice containers.

The day was very successful, with plenty of people turning up to have their own apple juice pressed, see the bees in the observation hive and to enjoy some delicious Cashell’s sausages.

Some of the Llangattock Community Woodlands products were for sale: honey, apple marmalade, Christmas cards and decorations, and charcoal made in the woodland.

As always our volunteers worked hard to ensure that everything ran smoothly. We’re all looking forward to next year’s party and hope to see even more people there.