Charcoal and apples

A busy time of year for the group as we get on with making more top class charcoal.  This week we had a burn which yielded 11 bags of charcoal, and we’ll continue with this for the next month or so. Once made, the charcoal is bagged and sold, either directly to customers or through Natural Weigh in Crickhowell. Click on the link to see how the charcoal comes out of the burner: IMG_2992

Our autumn/winter management plan will begin now – we’ll start felling trees again next week and generally clearing the paths around the canal. We’ll also be sowing Yellow Rattle in the meadow and plan the planting of more trees.

On Sunday, October 20th we ‘ll celebrate Apple Day, this time at the Alder Carr meadow. Apple Day 2018 was hugely successful and a thoroughly enjoyable day. Hopefully this year will see a repeat of that and anyone who wants to call in, with or without bags of apples!