About us

Llangattock Community Woodlands is a group of enthusiastic volunteers with a shared interest in trees and timber products. It is a registered charity that aims to promote for the benefit of the public the conservation, protection and improvement of small woodlands in the South East corner of the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park.

In the past few years we have taken on the management of several small woodlands in the Llangattock area on behalf of their owners. In partnership with Canal & River Trust much of our activity is concentrated on a couple of woodlands that border the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal and at Coed Cefn, Crickhowell,  a Woodland Trust woodland where in 2023 we commenced a programme of coppicing.

We have had a close relationship with Llangattock Green Valleys with whom we share an aim to promote sustainable energy. In particular, we process felled timber into woodfuel and charcoal which we sell in the local area.



Our woodland management activities fall into three broad categories:

Woodland management

  • Tree felling

Many small woodlands are dominated by tall, thin trees fighting for light. These create dense shade near the ground and restrict the range of plants that can flourish. We fell trees selectively to allow light in, promote sturdier tree growth and encourage a wider range of wildlife habitats. We also deal with storm-damaged trees to reduce the danger of falling trees and branches. Whatever the reason for felling, the resulting trunks and branches are cut into manageable lengths and stacked tidily for seasoning.

  • Tree planting
    Wherever appropriate we plant new trees. On the edge of woodlands these form natural boundary hedges and with careful management in the future will add to the diversity of the woodlands as a whole.
    For more on tree planting click here.


  • Tree nursery

We have a small tree nursery where we grow from seed and grow on young saplings for another year to produce a stronger more resilient sapling.







  • Coppicing

In partnership with The Woodland Trust we are undertaking coppicing in Cefn Coed in Crickhowell. This is a long term arrangement which will improve biodiversity by letting in more light to the forest floor. We will be undertaking plants surveys to monitor the change in ground flora.

Keeping bees has become a significant area of activity in recent years…
For more on beekeeping click here.





Active  management means working in harmony with woodlands, restoring their natural multi-layered structure and creating the ideal conditions for a rich mix of plant, animal, bird and insect life. We are developing habitats that support pollinating insects and have now established honeybee colonies in one of the woodlands.

Clearing invasive plants
Cherry laurel, rhododendron, snow-berry and Himalayan balsam have spread aggressively in parts of the woodlands we manage, crowding out native plants and reducing wildlife habitat.

We work to eradicate the invaders, and then replant cleared areas with native species. For information on these invasive species click here.

Products for sale

Split and dried logs for wood fuel.
Through our woodland management activities we produce logs which we split and season using our processor and splitter. We can deliver firewood to customers who live locally. We also produce bags of kindling. From the smaller logs we produce charcoal which we sell in 2.5kg bags which are available from the zero waste shop Natural Weigh in Crickhowell and Little Green Refills in Abergavenny.

If you are interested in purchasing firewood please contact:

Barry Sandilands
07800 745587


The trustees of Llangattock Community Woodlands set the priorities and the charity’s budget. Week by week they plan the work of volunteers .

Income comes both from sales together with grants we have been successful in attracting.

Come and join us…

Anyone over 18 years can become a member. We provide volunteers with most safety equipment (helmets, ear defenders, gloves) but individuals must provide their own safety footwear and for those qualified, their own chainsaw clothing.

We place strong emphasis on health and safety and members are fully insured.

Training is therefore essential…

Much of our work is done with hand tools, although we do have qualified chainsaw users for felling and removing branches prior to processing.

Would you like to work with us?

The best way to find out if you would like to join the group is to come along on a Tuesday workday for a taster session. It helps if we know you are coming, so that one of us can show you around and introduce you to other volunteers. the best way to alert us is to fill in a “Contact Us” form at the end of this website.


Gallery & News

  1. Photo Galleries
    From time to time we add collections of photos to give a flavour of our activity and the area we work in.
  2. Useful documents
    Registration form, policies, reports and so on.
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