August 2018 and some important energy news

It seems as though we’ve finally reached the end of the 2018 heatwave and it’s been a welcome change to have a few cooler days! Work has continued throughout the hot period, with charcoal sales and wood deliveries going well. In particular Barry’s super admin skills have been a great help here. 

The Alder Carr Lottery is spreading so we are hoping that by word of mouth and a little persuasion we can get some more sign ups this month.  It not only increases our funds but prize money increases too.  We give out prizes once a year to make it worthwhile. 

We’ve had some local interest from people who are unable to join the Tuesday session due to work/school commitments so we’re holding an introductory Saturday morning session on 8th September, with the intention to hold these sessions once a month.  We will be advertising in the Llangattock Green Valleys Newsletter next month and with Crickhowell Volunteer Bureau. 


This week work will contiue at the Alder Carr, with attention being given to chracoal production, wood processing/delivery, hedgehog hut making and stove repair. In addition we’ll be checking the bees (and hopefully extracting some honey which acn be sold at LACAS) and also sending a team to the Glanusk Estate to cut up and remove firewood.

We’ll also be confirming an extra First Aid Certificate Holder.c to lead staying in Alder Carr carrying on with stove repair and woodwork.


Now an important announcement from Llangattock Green Valleys:

Support local renewable generation and cut your electricity bill!

“We have almost enough expressions of interest to form the Crickhowell Energy Local Club but there is time for a few more, so if you are interested, register now on the Crickhowell page at   

Full details are at

A meeting for those registered to discuss formation of the Club will be held in September.”



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